Landing Box

C&C Power’s Landing Boxes provide a convenient means for paralleling multiple battery cabinets. Landing Boxes are provided with landings for two hole compression lugs for battery positive, battery negative, and ground. A circuit breaker accessory terminal block is also provided.

Landing boxes are available for use with C&C Power’s BC55, UBC64, and UBC75 battery cabinets.

Key Features
▶  More power in less space
▶  Parallel multiple battery cabinets
▶  BC55, UBC64, and UBC75 compatible
▶  Multiple copper configurations
▶  Welded, heavy gauge steel construction
▶  Available in multiple powder coat finishes

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95401 Series
Dimensions: 40.0”W x 30.0”H x 20.0”D
Weight: 140 - 195 lbs

95402 Series
Dimensions: 43.3”W x 30.0”H x 21.5”D
Weight: 145 - 200 lbs