C&C Power Inc. is a global leader in developing and manufacturing of energy management systems. Pioneering the way in battery backup, power distribution, and power monitoring, our engineers and research and development teams create ground-breaking technology that delivers secure and safe power solutions.



The demand for continuous power has never been more critical with the growth of data systems and integrated networks. As an industry leader in innovation and technology, C&C Power provides a large selection of options for an uninterruptible power supply with a variety of battery solutions.


Advances in development and technology have moved our engineering team to focus on developing preventative measures for monitoring batteries and backup battery cabinets. Monitoring batteries for fire prevention is highly necessary for critical facilities.


C&C Power has created a full line of AC solutions such as UPS maintenance bypass cabinets, distribution units, and transformer cabinets. Each can be engineered in various combinations to suit your needs.


C&C Power manufactures a large assortment of DC power products for the telecommunication industry. Systems include both large and compact DC power systems, fuses, breaker distribution panels, rectifiers, relay racks, and other integrated system components.

Equipping organizations across all industries with efficient, reliable, and affordable power products.

Securing vital information for the telecommunication, data center, industrial, government, medical, educational, and corporate sectors of our vast economic infrastructure is crucial to all organizations. At C&C Power Inc., our team of highly skilled engineers continually develop cutting edge power solutions to maintain and protect your company’s data.

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C&C Power’s foundation is built on our ability to problem solve and provide the most cost-effective solutions in the power industry.


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