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  • Battery Solutions

    C&C Power stocks thousands of batteries from many of the leading manufacturers in the industry including CSB, Deka, Enersys and many others. Along with batteries, C&C Power has a wide range of fully assembled solutions available to accommodate your unique power system needs..

  • DC Telecom Equipment

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  • UPS Solutions

    UPS Solutions

    C&C Power manufactures a full line of UPS solutions. Our UPS peripheral products are available for use with any UPS system. Multiple circuit breaker accessory options are available. Battery disconnects, circuit breaker distribution, maintenance bypass panels, outlet panels, and remote status alarm panels are available for any UPS application. Each of our solutions are tested to UL Standards and CSA certified.

  • Wall Mount


    Like our free standing series, our wall mount UPS bypass lineup can accommodate a current range anywhere from 50 amps all the way to 1200 amps. And at just 30″ – 36″ wide, they use very little real estate while allowing you to safely isolate your UPS from utility power while maintaining power to your critical load. Whether you need a UPS bypass switch for a 10kVA UPS or 750kVA, we have a standard solution ready to go.

  • Wall Mount w/Distribution


    The newest addition to our UPS Bypass Switch line of products, these units offer 30 distribution circuits in a neat, all-in-one package. As is the case with every bypass switch we build, these units come fully assembled, tested, and listed to UL 891.