At C&C Power, we engineer and manufacture power equipment such as maintenance bypass cabinets (MBC), maintenance bypass panels (MBP), maintenance bypass switches (MBS), AC switch gear, PDU’s, RPP’s, battery systems, and much more. At our Online power products store, you can build your own UPS bypass with different options for your variable needs. Features include options for voltage, amperage, interlocks, color, and AIC rating.

We are centrally located in Carol Stream, IL which is just outside of Chicago. Our 230,000 sq. ft facility allows us to manufacture and stock high levels of inventory. As a result, we offer the quickest delivery times. Products are assembled and tested by qualified technicians before the final shipment is made.

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    C&C Power Inc is the largest distributor of IT, telecommunication, and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) backup batteries in the greater Chicago area. We stock thousands of batteries from the most reputable suppliers including CSB, Deka, Enersys, and many others. C&C Power is also the leading manufacturer of backup battery cabinets.
  • C&C Power - Battery Product or Accessory


    Battery Charger units are ideal for utility power, telecommunications, UPS systems, and other stationary charger applications. The extra charge current extends the battery runtime during prolonged power outages.
  • C&C Power - Battery Product or Accessory


    Our series of maintenance bypasses are available in panels and free-standing cabinets. This allows the end-user to safely isolate the UPS from utility power. Perform regular service and repairs while the critical load stays intact. A Kirk Key Interlocking system eliminates mistakes with no dropping the load to your mission-critical facility. Our newest security feature is the automatic bypass interface. This touchscreen control helps you navigate safely to bypass mode.
  • C&C Power - Battery Product or Accessory


    C&C Power provides power distribution panels for the telecommunication industry. Telecom solutions include a complete line of high-efficiency rectifiers, distribution panels, and DC power systems for mission critical applications. We are focused on bringing reliable power solutions to customers across all applications and environments.
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    Battery Racks are an economical solution that was designed and engineered to provide storage for up to (10) 12V/200AH VRLA batteries. The compact, heavy-duty, bolt-together design allows for quick assembly and installation and can also be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of front terminal batteries available in the market today.