Batt-Safe II™ Battery Monitoring

*The Batt-Safe II replaces the Batt-Safe PLUS battery monitor. It offers the same unsurpassable features as its predecessor, along with some great new features.

NEW Features
▶ CERTIFIED by UL to meet the IFC 608 code regarding thermal runway
▶ single AC Input and network drop, for an easy, less costly installation
▶ Automatic emailing of event and system logs
▶ Improved IFC thermal runaway algorithm
▶ Optional floating DC ground fault detection
▶ Graphic display of cabinet’s status


C&C Power’s Batt-Safe II is a low cost, easy to install, simple to operate, string-level battery monitoring system for up to eight strings of batteries. Protect your critical load and drastically reduce the rate of unplanned outages. Compared to preventative maintenance alone, the Batt-Safe II dramatically rises the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). Batt-Safe II can be used with any type of batteries and can operate on strings between 12 and 600 volts.

Batt-Safe II comes housed in an enclosure that can be mounted on top or inside of a battery cabinet. It is an easy to install and simple to operate battery monitoring system that can be used on all battery types. The battery monitor can daisy chain up to 12 units, which is an extremely unique characteristic for this type of device.

The Batt-Safe II contains the latest and most secure Simple Network Management Protocol version 3 (SNMP3). C&C Power is one of the only companies that contains this high level of security. This system allows users to comply with the International Fire Code (IFC) 608 and NFPA. These are the most up-to-date codes that mandate thermal runaway protection.

Key Features
▶ Patented thermal runaway prevention
▶ Monitors up to 12 strings
▶ Downloadable system logs
▶ No software required
▶ Optional IFC/CA compliant
▶ String voltage monitor 12-600 VDC
▶ Modbus, SNMP and web-based communication & control
▶ UL listed to UL 61010-1 Standard

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E-mail message sent on alarms
Long-term storage of key battery warranty parameters
Network interface with password and community string protection
Web browser accessible
Event log with time and date stamp
External device alarm input
Alarm relay contacts output