C&C Power’s free standing 90840 Series Maintenance Bypass Cabinet is available in 18K or 22K AIC ratings for 240V applications, 225A max. An SKRU (solenoid key release) option is available for added safety. C&C Power’s free standing bypass cabinets come fully assembled, tested, and listed to UL 891.

Key Features
▶  Available in 18K or 22K AIC ratings
▶  10-56kva, 480D-208Y/120V
▶  Three breaker bypass up to 225A
▶  30 distribution circuits
▶  Aluminum wound TP1 transformer
▶  Optional solenoid key release
▶  27” wide free standing mount cabinet
▶  Compact design minimizes footprint
▶  Multiple system configurations
▶  Listed to UL 891

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Dimensions: 27"W x 27"D x 55.1"H
Weight: 830 lbs