C&C Power’s Cellwatch is a fully automatic cell monitoring system designed to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Cellwatch monitors cell, string and battery voltage, cell internal resistance, current, and temperature. The system conducts these scans up to 24 times daily and logs all data to allow for graphical viewing.

Cellwatch saves money by improving UPS uptime, maximizing battery return on investment, accurately  forecasting, and increasing safety of maintenance personnel.

Cellwatch will automatically measure the performance of every cell on every battery in the event of a discharge and will determine automatically the best and worst performing cells. All data is accessed via computer network connection or by directly connecting a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Key Features
▶  Designed to retro fit on existing installations
▶  Mounts directly to C&C Battery Cabinets
▶  Automatically logs all discharges separately to allow for graphical viewing
▶  Built-in web server technology – allows for site monitoring from anywhere in the world
▶  Full alarms with programmable limits

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