How do I get a quote?
By using the contact form on our website or by contacting [email protected]. We find that an email containing all pertinent info is the most efficient way to get a quote started. This puts the details of the request in writing and ensures that all members of our sales team have access to it, speeding up turnaround time.

We do not publish pricing, but we do offer free quotes on all our products at any time.

What size organization do you serve?
All sizes! We’re just as equipped to put together a small order as we are to assembly line an extremely large or complex one. We value orders of all sizes because short term profits aren’t our end goal – long lasting business relationships are.

What geographic areas do you serve?
Our products are located around the globe. Typically, we ship to U.S. locations, but we’re able to ship internationally as well.

What types of batteries do you sell?
We keep a 30,000 piece-strong inventory of top terminal and front access VRLA batteries. We carry all 12 volt makes and models, but are able to supply wet cell and 20-year modular battery systems as well. If you have an obsolete battery or are dissatisfied with your current brand, we’re equipped to point out equivalent batteries (same footprint, same power) and provide you with pricing.

Why are you a better choice?
Our lead times are fast.
We don’t want you waiting around to get your product, so we operate out of an 11-acre, 170,000 square foot manufacturing facility. This allows us to house a massive inventory of parts so that when an order comes in, we can build it up quickly and ship it out right away.

We offer complete solutions. This is a much better and more cost effective method than piecing together a system from various suppliers. It’s also safer, because we can wire up a complete solution, test it, get it UL certified, and ship it to you ready to plug and play.

We care. It’s no accident that our company has seen consistent, manageable growth for over twenty years while remaining privately owned and operated. We earn customer loyalty by engineering quality, reliable products, and by being there to make things right on the rare occasion when a product doesn’t perform as expected. In other words, we’re not just trying to get you to buy stuff – our primary goal is to get you what you need to succeed, because we understand our success only comes as a byproduct of yours.

* C&C Power’s doors are always open – please contact [email protected] if you’d like to schedule a tour of our engineering and manufacturing facility.