C&C Power’s battery racks have an advantage over everyone else – we can fully install the rack (with batteries) at our factory and ship everything to you fully assembled. The on site time and labor cost this saves is significant – especially on multi-string and multi-system installations.

The UBR75 rack features our patented, front-access design and can be seismic certified whenever required. We also keep plenty in stock to give you the best possible lead time vs. competing racks.

Not only that, but breakers can be wall mounted directly on the rack – no need for cumbersome wall mount disconnects with cables running from each rack.

Contact us for a quote the next time you’re faced with a spec calling for battery racks – our solutions will give you a major leg up on your competition.

Key Features
▶ Patented, tiered shelf design simplifies maintenance
Ships fully assembled with batteries pre-installed
▶ Flexible busbars reduce stress on battery connections
▶ Busbars are heavy duty, rated to 1000A. Heat rise tested.
▶ Air gaps between batteries for longer life/better cooling
▶ Full range of breaker options for single/multiple string applications
▶ Easy “blind-mount” brackets to reduce installation time
      – No rear access required!
▶ Welded, heavy gauge steel construction
▶ All terminals shielded with polycarbonate – no live exposure
▶ Factory assembled and fully tested
Seismic certified

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Dimensions: 48.5"W x 32.5"D x 84.0"H
Weight: 950 lbs