Our technicians bring years of experience to provide you with complete installations. We’ll work closely with you throughout the installation process, from shipping to start-up to make sure you achieve an on time, on budget completion. Some of the products we have installed throughout the United States include:

  • UPS Systems
  • Generators
  • Switchboards
  • DC Power Systems
  • Battery Systems
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Cellular Sites
  • And Much More

Battery Monitoring Installations
Batt-Safe is a low cost, easy to install, and simple to operate battery string monitoring system. Batt-Safe can be used with any type of batteries and operate on strings from 12 to 600 volts with an optional thermal runaway warning feature which allows your system to comply with IFC/CA regulations.

Alternatively, the Cellwatch system can measure individual battery voltage, ohmic, current and temperature. Both types of monitoring can be viewed remotely from your web browser via TCP/IP protocols over your network.

*Please call 630-617-9022 or contact [email protected] for more info.