UPS Bypass Switch Product Line

If you need a UPS Bypass Switch or a make before break inverter bypass switch, you’ve come to the right place.

Over the past two decades, we’ve designed, engineered and manufactured a full range of high quality bypass switches to meet the needs of the UPS market.

Our MBBP units are available in a number of different configurations, and allow you to safely isolate your UPS from utility power, and from the load, to perform regular service and maintenance.

Standard Features:
▶  Free Standing or Wall Mount UPS Bypass
▶  10 amps up to 2500 amps
▶  Single Phase or 3-Phase
▶  208V or 480V
▶  Matching Paint
▶  High or Low AIC Rating
▶  Make Before Break
▶  Kirk Key Locks Included

Custom Options:
▶  SKRU (Solenoid Key Release)
▶  Ground Fault Detection
▶  Maintenance Mode Breakers
▶  Aux/UV/Shunt Options on Breakers
▶  Bypass/Transformer All-In-One Combination Cabinets
▶  Output Distribution Breakers in Addition to 3-Breaker Bypass


(make sure your volume is turned up)


Use these overview charts to narrow down which UPS Bypass Switch you need, then find the drawings/data sheets under the “DOWNLOADS” tab below for more info.

Free Standing UPS Bypass Switch Chart  Wall Mount UPS Bypass Switch Chart
* For a quote on price and lead time, contact us, or use the contact button just below.

* We also offer an inverter bypass switch not shown on the above charts – see the 93802 literature for details.


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