DC Switchgear Power System

C&C Power’s DC Switchgear Power System is ideal for DC distribution with battery backup for industrial breaker controls, motor operators, shunt trips, fire pumps, and MORE.

The DC Power cabinet features a front access DC load center capable of holding up to twelve 2-pole breakers. Multiple system configurations are available for 24, 48, 125, and 250-volt DC systems. The innovative front access battery design allows for 100 or 150AH batteries to be installed.

Each unit ships fully assembled and includes the charger, batteries, and DC distribution completely installed.

Key Features

▶  Easy front access to breakers
▶  Up to 240 volt systems
▶  100 or 150AH batteries
▶  On-board battery charger
▶  Multiple system configurations available
▶  Arrives fully assembled

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