Batt-Safe™ PLUS Battery Monitoring

*The Batt-Safe PLUS replaces the 1st generation Batt-Safe battery monitor.  It offers the same unsurpassable features as its predecessor, along with some great new features.

NEW Features
▶  CERTIFIED by UL to meet the IFC 608 code regarding thermal runway
▶  AC ripple current monitoring
▶  Automatic emailing of event and system logs
▶  Improved IFC thermal runaway algorithm
▶  Optional floating DC ground fault detection
▶  Optional graphic display


C&C Power’s Batt-Safe is a low cost, easy to install, simple to operate, string-level battery monitoring system for up to eight strings of batteries. Protect your critical load and prevent unplanned outages – no matter what type of battery you have. Batt-Safe can be used with any type of batteries and can operate on strings between 12 and 600 volts.

Not all battery monitoring products are created equal. Batt-Safe comes housed in an enclosure that can be mounted on top or inside of a battery cabinet. It is powered from a small wall transformer, and optional backup batteries are available as a way of powering the unit in case of an outage.

Key Features
▶  Patented thermal runaway warning
▶  Monitors up to eight strings
▶  Downloadable system logs
▶  No software required
▶  Optional IFC/CA compliant
▶  Five visual status indicators per string
▶  String voltage monitor 12-600 VDC
▶  Modbus, SNMP and web-based communication & control
▶  UL listed to UL 61010-1 Standard

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Other Features:
▶ String current monitor 150-2400 A/String
▶ Programmable absolute and relative alarm threshold settings
▶ Charge, discharge, and float current monitoring
▶ String or multi-string graphical display on web browser
▶ Room ambient and battery string temperature monitoring
▶ Battery cycle counts based on duration
▶ E-mail message sent on alarms
▶ Long-term storage of key battery warranty parameters
▶ Network interface with password and community string protection
▶ Web browser accessible
▶ Event log with time and date stamp
▶ External device alarm input
▶ Alarm relay contacts output