1RU GMT/TPA Fuse Panel

C&C Power’s C&C 1RU GMT & TPA Fuse Panel is a fully enclosed, rear access telecom DC power distribution panel that can accommodate up to 20 GMT and 8 TPA fuses. The panel will fit into both 19” and 23” relay racks, and takes up only 1RU (1.75”) of rack space.

The CFP-GT distributes up to 175 amps in single bus configurations and up to 350 amps in dual bus configurations. Each bus is equipped with a fuse alarm which includes a set of form C (SPDT) contacts and indicator LED’s. Fuse capacities range from less than 1 amp to 15 amps per GMT position, with each 10 position section capable of handling a total of 75 amps maximum. TPA fuses range from 3-50 amps.

Other standard features include two hole lug terminations with 1/4-20 studs and 5/8” spacing for DC inputs with up to #2 AWG wire. Each output terminal block accepts bare wire up to #16 AWG for GMTs and up to #6 AWG for TPAs. The 1RU GMT & TPA Fuse Panel is listed to UL Standards and is CSA certified.

Key Features
▶  350 amp distribution
▶  Up to 20 GMT and 8 TPA fuses
▶  High density 1RU 19” or 23” rack mount
▶  Multiple busbar configurations
▶  More power in less space
▶  Listed to UL 60950-1 and CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1-03

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