1200 Series

C&C Power’s 1200 Series Rectifier Power Rack is ideal for central office, telecom hotels, co-location, web hosting and customer premise applications requiring large amounts of DC power. The 1200 Series Power Rack combines C&C Power’s 1200 Series Rectifier Shelves, Commander Plus Series Controller, and DC distribution into a standard 23” four post rack.

Each of the 1200 Series Rectifier Shelves are pre-wired to main AC input terminal blocks housed at the top of the system. Multiple AC input and DC distribution options are available. DC distribution circuit protection is available using circuit breakers or fused pullouts. The 1200 Series Rectifier Power Rack’s maximum system capacity is 1,998 amps at 48 volts.

The Commander Plus Series Controller utilizes a four button keypad to navigate the intuitive menus which are displayed on the easy to read, alpha numeric, vacuum fluorescent display. The Commander Plus Series Controller includes SNMP communication and a web-based interface to access system status and adjust system settings. The system provides automatic adjustment of rectifier output voltage when ambient temperature increases or decreases in order to optimize battery life and performance.

Key Features
▶  Commander Plus Series Controller
▶  SNMP & web-based communication & control
▶  Automatic temperature compensation
▶  Automatic parallel load sharing
▶  Circuit breaker or fuse distribution
▶  Front access AC input terminal blocks
▶  Up to 1,998 amps capacity
▶  Black powder coat finish

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Dimensions: 25.0"W x 24.0"D x 84.0"H
Weight: 900 lbs