Battery Cabinets – General Information

These are our bread and butter. For over 20 years, our engineers have constantly pushed the market forward with new innovations, and we’ve been awarded multiple patents in recognition of our unique contributions to the industry.

Our cabinets pair seamlessly with any brand of UPS you may have, and in many cases we offer matching solutions to create a flawless, unified style.

See below for an overview of our line of battery cabinets to help answer any questions you may have. Or, click here to view our entire product line.


  • All battery cabinet assemblies are listed to UL 1778.
  • The BC2, BC7, BC11, BC14 and BC25 battery cabinets are provided with heavy duty casters and are shipped on skids with hinged attached ramps for easy unloading.
  • The BC25, BC39, BC43, BC55, UBC40, UBC52, UBC64, UBC75 and UBC77 battery cabinets are provided with locking hinged front doors for secure and easy access.
  • Turn around time for deliveries are typically two weeks or less after receipt of order.
  • C&C Power has thousands of batteries in stock to facilitate quick deliveries.


  • All cabinets are of welded construction and formed from heavy gauge steel with added supports to retain cabinet squareness and integrity during harsh shipping and handling conditions.
  • All cabinets are Zone 4 approved and are equipped with the required mounting brackets and installation drawings.
  • Seismic Certified cabinets are available on select C&C Power battery cabinets. Seismic Certified cabinets are certified to the 2007 edition of the California Building Code (CBC 2007) and 2006 edition of the International Building Code (IBC 2006) to meet IBC Seismic Design Category E (Ss=2.0) and Importance Factor 1.5.
  • All cabinet panels, brackets, gussets and supports are fabricated with locators and notches to precisely fixture cabinet assemblies into place during the welding process to insure quality.
  • Adjustable battery rails or trays are provided to allow for multiple battery configurations and facilitate battery upgrades in the future.
  • Steel parts are sent through a five stage iron-phosphate wash system to clean and pre-treat the metal prior to powder coating.
  • Cabinets are top coated with a hybrid epoxy-polyester powder coat and oven cured for a chip and corrosion resistant long lasting finish.


  • Heavy duty polyester strapping material is used to tie down batteries.
  • Protective rubber is placed under batteries to prevent damage to cases during shipment.
  • Cabling is routed down the sides of the cabinet, away from the front of the batteries allowing full access for easy maintenance.
  • Easy to follow series wiring is routed efficiently and neatly with tier to tier jumpers located at front batteries allowing for safe and easy maintenance.
  • Thorough quality control procedures include Hi-Pot testing to 2,800 volts to detect for possible shorts and any suspect or leaking batteries.