Precut Cables

C&C Power’s cable kits are made to order using super high flex MTW/THHW cable, sized and precut with compression lugs crimped at each end. The excellent flexibility allows for easy maneuvering and installation.

Cable used is 1000V rated, 105°C and resists oils, moisture and acids. C&C Power offers standard kits when interconneted between C&C equipment lineups. Custom kits and THHN solutions are available upon request.

We offer cable connection kits in a variety of configurations with sizes ranging from #10 AWG to 350MCM and everything in between. All kits undergo a point by point  inspection prior to shipment ensuring quality standards

Key Features
▶  Pre-made with compression crimped lugs
▶  Preconfigured in factory for easy onsite installation
▶  Compression lug connections
▶  Reduces heat rise
▶  Cut and stripped using cable processing machine
▶  #10AWG to 350MCM sizing
▶  Excellent flexibility for easy installation
▶  Oil, moisture, and acid resistant

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