C&C Power’s PDP-18 is a wall or rack mount style breaker panel that has a total system capacity of 1,000 amps. The panel can accommodate 15 breakers up to 100 amps each and 3 breakers up to 300 amps each.

Other standard features include two hole lug terminations with 3/8-16 taps and 1” spacing for up to 250 MCM lugs on all two pole breaker outputs, and 10-32 taps and 5/8” spacing for up to #2 AWG lug on all single pole breaker outputs.

Key Features
▶  More power in less space
▶  1,000 amp distribution
▶  Up to 18 breakers
▶  High density wall or rack mount style panel
▶  Multiple breaker configurations
▶  Black powder coat finish


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