C&C Power’s 8RU Rack Mount provides up to 32 batteries with a capacity of up to 47A at a 15 min-rate. The batteries are conveniently housed in an 8RU rack mount and are secured with heavy duty restraining brackets. These racks come pre-wired with pluggable connectors on each battery.

For added safety, the BR8 Rack Mount Battery Cabinet is equipped with a 2 pole quick disconnect on each battery string for isolating individual strings during system maintenance. Just add batteries and inter-cell connectors for an effective solution for adding additional run time to any system.

Key Features
▶  8RU 23” rack mount
▶  Formed from heavy gauge steel
▶  Up to 47 amps at 15 min-rate (17.5kw)
▶  Restraining brackets to hold batteries
▶  Batteries pre-installed with pluggable connectors
▶  Two pole quick disconnect per string
▶  Black powder coat finish

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Dimensions: 19.0”W x 13.95”H x 35.1”D
Weight: 590 lbs