91736-91737 Series

C&C Power’s Breaker or Switch Disconnects provide a convenient means to disconnect batteries from the power system for servicing. When combined with the over-current protection of a breaker, the battery disconnect adds to the safety and reliability of the power system. Each of the C&C Power battery disconnects is constructed of heavy duty cold rolled steel with a durable black powder coat finish.

Both the breaker and the switch type come standard with one set of form C contacts to indicate breaker or switch status. All of the breakers and switches are rated 125 VDC max and breakers are 25,000 AIC.

Key Features
▶  More power in less space
▶  100-700 amps maximum
▶  Safe and reliable
▶  Multiple configurations available
▶  Durable black powder coat finish

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Available options for breaker/switch disconnects include:
▶ Return busbar: allows for both cable polarities to run through the battery disconnect box.
▶ 3RU 19” or 23”rack mount configurations.