4RU Breaker Panel

C&C Power’s 90605 Series Breaker Panel is an open style, front access, 20-position breaker distribution panel with side cable pass throughs. The panel is designed to fit a 23” relay rack, and takes up only 4RU (7.00”) of rack space.

The panel distributes power from twenty separate breakers with breaker capacity range of 1-100 amps per position. Easy to read alarm indicators provide system status information. Other standard features include two hole lug terminations with 1/4-20 taps and 5/8” spacing for up to 2/0 AWG lug.

Key Features
▶  More power in less space
▶  Up to 20 breaker positions
▶  High density 4RU 23” rack mount
▶  Easy to read alarm indicators

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