C&C Power’s 1200 watt rectifiers bring the highest level of efficiency to the DC power industry.

The 1200 watt rectifier offers excellent reliability in N+1 operations as a result of load sharing and fault tolerance. The ultra high power density of 19 watts per in³ will leave plenty of space to accommodate additional equipment in your power system. System scalability of up to 7,200 watts in each 1 RU 23” shelf allows for maximum flexibility with minimum investment.

Key Features
▶  1RU power supply
▶  Up to 22.2 amps per unit
▶  93%+ efficiency
▶  Power factor corrected
▶  Active current sharing
▶  Listed to UL 60950-1

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Dimensions: 3.44"W x 1.65"H x 11.2"D
Weight: 3.3 lbs